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Episode 80: A Baller On A Budget

Sean W. Jan 27, 2012 0



Today’s show can be described as huge.  We talk about Netflix’s next moves, Nintendo’s major losses, WebOS going open source and Google’s new Terms of Services that has many people riled up.  Other subjects include the NFL’s decision to allow players to tweet on the sidelines of games and Antares creating Auto-Tune for guitars.  On today’s Mobile Moment, we discuss iPhone 5 rumors, Galaxy S III, HTC Sense 4.0, Valve’s Steam and Microsoft’s Xbox on Android and more.  Review of the PowerBag Business Class Pack.

Hosts: Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Sean Wilburn

  • 02:14 – Netflix drops the game rentals idea and why the still get a bad rap
  • 10:28 – Microsoft pays 250 million to Nokia to adopt Windows Phone
  • 18:51 – Nintendo reports $624 million loss
  • 24:39 –  Rumor Specs for Wii U and the next Microsoft console
  • 31:41 –  Blizzard cancels this years Blizzcon
  • 33:47 – Google changes their Terms of Service and people are worried
  • 45:50- NFL to install computers on sidelines for players to tweet
  • 49:02 – Mobile Moment: HTC Sense 4, iPhone 5 rumors, Galaxy S III rumor, Steam for Android, Xbox on Android, Temple Run on iOS
  • 1:23:46 – Antares has created Auto Tune for Guitars
  • 1:28:47- WebOS goes open source this year
  • 1:36:42- Review: PowerBag Business Class Pack
  • 1:46:17 – Quick discussion of The Darkness 2 Demo
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