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Episode 92: Dinosaurs Popping Out

Sean W. Mar 14, 2012 0


Today’s show is full of acquisitions, IPO’s and homeless people.  We discuss Twitter’s purchase of Posturous, Zynga working with Konami and Marvel Comics teaming up with Aurasma to bring comics to life.  We also discuss one analyst’s assumption that Android users are cheap and ponder why Sony’s PS Move motion controller has not performed as well as the competition.  Fender going public, Mechwarrior and Warface round out today’s topics. Mobile Moment: T-Mobile Unlimited, Galaxy S Blaze and NCAA app.

Hosts: Victor Bognot, Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn

  • 01:44 – Twitter purchases Posturous
  • 07:13 – CNN is rumored to be purchasing Mashable
  • 12:05 – Fender to go public, looking for a $200 million IPO
  • 20:37- Dell picking Windows 8 OS for tablets
  • 24:20 – Marvel comics uses Aurasma to add a new life to physical comics
  • 34:04  -Zynga signs deal with Konami and Rebellion games
  • 37:37 –  Homeless People used as mobile hotspots
  • 43:22 – GDC: Crytek’s F2P game Warface impresses
  • 51:24 – Mechwarrior using CryEngine 3
  • 58:00- Mobile Moment: T-Mobile Unlimited, Galaxy S Blaze, NCAA app for iOS and Android
  • 1:08:16 – Sony’s PS Move has not performed as well as competition, why?
  • 1:25:33 -Does Google market Android to cheapskates?
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