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Episode 96: Ken Has Six

Sean W. Mar 30, 2012 0


On today’s show we discuss topics like the recent RIM Q4 reports, Google making more money on iOS than their own Android OS and the recent Playstation 4 rumors.   We also discuss the Worst Company in America contest and place our bets on who’s going to win.  Sound updates and the Mobile Moment round out today’s show.

Hosts: Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn

  • 04:36- RIM executive fallout after 2012 Q4 earnings report
  • 09:35 – Google making more money on iOS vs Android
  • 15:20 – Microsoft axed Courier tablet reborn as iPad app
  • 20:48 –  HBO, and Comcast app on Xbox Live today
  • 26:50 – Next generation Playstation rumors
  • 34:08 – Square Enix reveals new open world game
  • 39:52 – Sound Updates
  • 42:11 – Mobile Moment
  • 45:43  –  Worst Company in America 2012 semifinalists
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