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Finally, A 5.1 Home Theater System With Wireless Speakers

Sean W. Aug 1, 2012 0

Aperion Audio 5.1 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Aperion Audio has announced the Intimus 4T Summit, a full 5.1 surround sound system that has wireless speakers.  Though not void of all cables, this system uses no speaker wires that normally would need to run across a room to reach the rear speakers.

The system uses a digital wireless technology to send the signal to each of the speakers. Using a special transmitter, the system does not require an AV receiver to work.  The system will auto calibrate itself, locate each speakers and adjust appropriately so the sound is even and matched.

The system is void of speakers cables and a receiver but not of all cables entirely.  Each speaker will need to be plugged into an outlet so some planning will still be required.  The audio is uncompressed, latency is kept to under 5ms, all the speakers are of bi-amp design and the system is Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD certified.

The transmitter has 1 optical, 1 coaxial, 3 HDMI and 2 analog inputs, a HDMI out for connection to the TV.  The 5.1 systems sells for $3,000 while the 7.1 system sells for $3,500.