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Get The Minimoog-V Software Instrument For Free On June 21

Sean W. Jun 14, 2012 0

Arturia Minimoog V - Original

Mark your calenders everyone.  On June 21st, Arturia is giving away their Minimoog-V original virtual instrument synth to anyone who wants it. It normally sells for $249.

The agreement between the Arturia company and Moog Music is coming to an end and that’s sparking this giveaway.  With the deal between the two companies ending, the couple of Moog software instruments the company produced will be renamed without the “Moog” in the names.  This occasion will be marked with the company giving away free downloads of the Minimoog-V original to anyone who goes to their site to download it.  What’s even better is the version being given out is 2.5 which is the most recent update with supports up to Windows 7 and OS X Lion, 64-bit support, added Midi features and an additional triangle shaped LFO.

So grab your smart phones and mark your calenders for June 21st, next Thursday.  Have it remind you to go to and get this amazing plug-in for free. Tell you musician friends.  Have them tell their friends.  This plug-in is good and who doesn’t like free stuff.