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Giveaway: A Free Kisai LED Watch is Up for Grabs! (ENDED)

Tony Hannides Jun 22, 2012 32

kisai night vision giveaway header



This is the third giveaway for and we are extremely excited about what we’ve got for you. Thanks to our friends at, the winner of this giveaway gets a choice of their very own Kisai watch. The Kisai designs are extremely unique and I can almost promise you won’t find anyone else with the same watch you choose. If you haven’t seen our reviews of the Kisai Seven or the Kisai Night Vision, make sure you check them out to see what we thought. Personally, I think the Night Vision is one of the coolest watches I’ve ever owned; and I currently have around 20 watches.

To enter, you must complete 3 easy steps:

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  3. Comment on THIS ARTICLE telling us your Ultimate Future Watch. A detailed description. Be funny. Be serious. Be different.

That’s it! If you win, you get to choose from any of the watches found on TokyoFlash.comThe Giveaway ends on June 28th at 9PM PDT. Mind you, even if you’re not a fan of the futuristic designs, you know someone who is. These watches make a great gift and they range between $99 to $159! Get on it! WIN WIN WIN!

Rule Reminder: The winner MUST live in the United States. We are no longer able to ship internationally. Sorry.

LTG Official Rules for Giveaway