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God of War: Ascension Will Feature Team Based Multiplayer; New Details [Updated]

Sean W. Apr 30, 2012 0


The newly announced PS3 game God of War: Ascension will feature a Multiplayer mode. This will be the first in the franchise history but reports are saying it will be as gory as God of War has always been.

God of War: Ascension has been confirmed to be a prequel to the other games.  The game will take place before all the other prequel God of War games and will show more of Kratos human side.  It might feature his family and how they impacted his life, before he kills them, accidentally, of course.  Since this is a prequel, the development team even went as far as removing some the muscle tone he’s acquired from killing all the gods.

The mode that was demonstrated from Sony was a multiplayer mode that was team based competitive multiplayer.  It was, according to director Todd Papy, a chance to bring something new to the franchise as it will feature a struggle between Sparta and Troy as they fight for the God’s favor.  The animations look to run as smooth as it had in God of War III and the gameplay footage was very vibrant and full of bloody kills.  The company worked to keep the gameplay fresh by mixing domination modes and attack and defend play types into a single game.  The multiplayer modes will feature up to 8 players in 4×4 battles competing for the win.  The players will align themselves with one of four different gods, for example Zeus and Poseidon, which is the equivalent to classes found in other multiplayer games and there will be a variety of weapon load-outs like cutting weapons like swords and clubs for smashing.

The level shown had a huge cyclops that was chained down.  The two opposing teams battled to bring the cyclops closer to their team’s home to kill it for the gods.  After successfully triggering two switches, then the Cyclops gets yanked over to the home team’s side and the gods bless the team with a weapon to kill it with.  At this point, it’s an attack a defend game as one team slaughters the Cyclops as the other players protect them.  If the team is unsuccessful in their attempt to protect the player with the gift sword, then the Cyclops will end up back in the center location where the teams will fight again to trigger the switches.  Successfully attacking the Cyclops will reward the best performing player with the ultimate kill, the extermination of the eye of the Cyclops in a very bloody and gruesome way.

The game will feature a character creation mode.  All the characters are built off the Kratos body archetype but parts like the legs, arms torso and head hear can customized to your liking.   The example shown had a guy who was chose to follow Poseidon and had a big, what looked like a hard-edge sea shell on his head.

The game is looking pretty good and bloody, just they way God of War should be.  More details will be unveiled at E3.

God of War Ascension multiplayer [Update]

Here is video of the multiplayer mode.