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Google threatens to sue a 21 year old student over “YouTube Recorder”

Radford C. Jul 5, 2012 4

Google is taking action against computer science student Philip Matesanz, 21 (Germany) for offering a service that records videos publicly broadcasted by YouTube. The service works similarly to a cassette recorder which can create a recording of a public radio broadcast. Though Matesanz believed it to be legal, Google says this is an exception. Matesanz claims that Google and its allies are currently repeating history by making a reference to the 80’s campaign “Home Taping Is Killing Music”.

Google has demanded that he should cease his service within seven days or they would take legal action. Matesanz has refused to close his service and is currently considering his options as the dispute continues. Matesanz attempted to enter into a dialogue with Google without success. His attempt to speak with the General Counsel of Google Germany was denied.

Matesanz then publicly released legal case studies in an attempt to prove that the claims Google has made so far are wrong and began public petition on Currently, the petition has been signed by more than 300,000 people so far. Matesanz claims that Google has continued to be unwilling to enter into a dialogue about the service.

LTG has reached out to Google for further details and has not received a response as of this writing.

Via »Matesanz’s Blog