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Greatest $18,000 Gaming Accessory Ever Created

Sean W. May 4, 2012 0

Motion Simulator TL1 House

There are times you have to make some major decisions in life.  Choices that will effect your life.  One of these choices is whether to buy a car, or buy this HD game simulator that gives 180 degrees of viewable area.  The full arcade sized gaming setup will cost the low price of $18,000, but with it, you get arcade quality experience in your own living room, but more likely the garage.

The product is called the TL1 Simulator, and it’s the love child of Ariel Atom and Motion Simulator.   The TL1 comes complete with a cockpit, 180 degree screen, the gaming PC and the projectors to display the image.   The seating in the simulator can be adjusted to three different settings, Touring, GT and Formula and comes complete with a pedal mechanism with full with accelerator, brake and clutch.   The colors available are white, blue, red and green,

Even though a car will be able to get you to work, home, school, the club or downtown to Jimmys, and there are cars that cost less than the TL1, this gaming machine sure is tempting.  Hmmm….

Via »Jalopnik