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HBO, and Comcast for XBox Live Available Today

Radford C. Mar 27, 2012 0


Microsoft has confirmed anticipated video apps to appear on its Xbox 360, namely Comcast Xfinity TV, HBO Go and Not many details have surfaced about the apps as of this writing but the HBO Go and services are familiar due to their availability on other platforms (i.e. PS3). The Xfinity TV app is expected to mirror the same amount of content in of its PC version. All three apps will have  Kinect integration, and bring the total number of video apps (which includes Verizon FiOS and YouTube) to 36.

As more and more console owners begin spending time watching streaming videos on their systems, Microsoft is pushing more content to its various video apps. Since the launch of the apps and Metro design, XBox usage has increased to 30 percent compared to last year says Head of marketing and strategy for Xbox Yusuf Mehdi.

Via »Hollywood Reporter