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How Many People Have Broadband In The US?

Radford C. Aug 23, 2012 0


That’s exactly the answer the FCC has been tackling. Determining the number of broadband users is a huge data challenge – one that the FCC fronted head on. But instead of just providing numbers, they did one better. With the help of Mapbox, they provided a map to illustrate each region of the United States and how each of the broadband breaks down in terms of usage, type of connectivity and more. They’ve even got as far as displaying the total population of each county while showing the average income of each region.

From the FCC report:

Having good data is critical to attacking these problems, and this Broadband Progress Report arms the FCC with the best information it has had yet on broadband in the U.S. This is our first progress report ever to include extensive data on mobile broadband and the availability of next-generation, high-speed services. It incorporates the most robust analysis of international data that the Commission has ever done. The report includes online, interactive maps which show exactly where broadband is and isn’t available, and deployment statistics—by technology type—for every county in the nation.

In San Francisco County, the FCC’s report shows that there is more access to DSL than cable by as much as 97%. While Fiber Optic is 1%. With a total population of about 817k, the report says that the average SF citizen earns $45k a year.  In Solano County, per capita incoms is $22k with Cable at 87% dishing it out to DSL at 65% in terms of service acccessibility.

You can also view the full size map here or visit the source below.

Via »FCC Broadband Deployment Map