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How To Add A Printer To Windows 8 CP

Radford C. May 1, 2012 5

This includes installing a network printer to Windows 8 CP. When you’re adding a printer to the desktop version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you’ll find that there are quite a number of idioms to learn as the OS currently forces you to discover things.  Here’s how to do print on Windows 8 CP in plain english (whether your printer is networked or not):

Using Add Device unfortunately does not search networked printers in this build of Windows 8 CP. Hopefully Microsoft will rectify this on the next update.

1. Display The Right Sidebar Icons And Search

Move your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the screen until your mouse pretty much disappears in the corner. You’ll see icons overlay the interface.

Add Printer Windows 8 Figure 1

At this point move your mouse downward and you’ll see the icons filled with a background and you’ll see them labeled appropriately. Click on search.

Add Printer Windows 8 Figure 2

 2. Search for Advanced Printer Setup

Once you’re at search, click the Settings section (right below Apps) and type the word Advanced. As you type, you should see the icon Advanced Printer Setup. Click that.

Add Printer Windows 8 Figure 3

3. First we look for the printer

At this point, Windows 8 will try to detect your printer locally or across the network. If the printer is installed locally to your machine via USB, this should be easy at this point. Additionally, if the printer is properly networked it should find that too. If the correct model name of the printer appears, simply click the printer and you’re good to go. Windows 8 should be able to detect the correct driver for your printer.

Add Printer Windows 8 Figure 4

If this doesn’t work we move on to step 4.

 4. “The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed”

If nothing turns up on the search, we move on to deeper territory. Click The printer that I want isn’t installed as displayed in the figure above. You should then be presented with four choices:

If the printer is connected to another computer, you can click the Browse button, look for the computer on the left window pane and click the computer that is hooked up to the printer. This, of course, assumes your computer and printer are both on; so make sure they are.

If the printer can’t be found on the designated computer, you may have to check on sharing settings on the PC that’s connected to the printer.  Assuming the other computer is running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can check this by going to Start > Control Panel > Devices And Printers and Right Click the designated printer that’s meant to be shared across the network and click Printer Properties.

Click the Sharing tab and make sure to hit the checkbox Share this Printer along with a name you can remember. Also, make sure Render print jobs on client computers is checked.

If you’re still not able to see your printer after all this, leave a comment below and I’ll help you out. The next level would be be assigning IP addresses to the printer – this would make printing waaay easier for those just jumping on the wireless network just to print stuff but will require another write up. Stay tuned and look out for more Windows 8 tutorials.


  • bob

    I tried it all. Not working. I have a new Lenovo w/windows 8 and a Dell 924 printer
    It shows NO drivers available

  • Dave

    Hi, Is it possible to connect a HP P1000 to windows 8 please. Thanks.

  • Mike

    Have a HP Pavilion g& with Win 8. The printer is connected to my wife’s Mac, and none of the steps discover it. Was able to connect with my former lap top, and my daughter can as well. Hint?

  • Christian

    I have a Canon IR1022IF, but the PC don´t find it, What do I do???