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How to Enable 3D Conversion for 1080p Videos on YouTube!

Victor B. Apr 6, 2012 0

Confirmed not to be a belated April Fool’s joke, on the Official YouTube Blog they are announcing that any “short-form” uploaded video in 1080p will automatically get converted into 3D.  The 3D version of the video will be in 720p, and it is only an option, so if it doesn’t benefit your video, don’t worry, your original is still there.  As you can see with the above video, the red/blue conversion is there, and in this instance viewing with red and blue glasses yields a better result when viewing in optimized mode, taking away some of the color.

YouTube analyzes the video and “learns” depth characteristics that can be applied to future videos, thus making the 3D conversion better as time goes on.  It will be interesting to see if content owners will even get a tool to tweak the 3D effect to their liking.

Content owners may need to go on the “edit info” button on their video page and check ‘Please make this video 3D’:

Save your changes, then you will get a ‘3D’ button near your timeline and be able to check out simulated 3D on your video!