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Kojima Unveils Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Uses Fox Engine

Radford C. Aug 30, 2012 4

As part of celebrating the Metal Gear franchise’s 25th anniversary and keeping the team’s promise in unveiling the new Fox engine, Konami and Kojima Productions announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.  At the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event in Tokyo,  GameSpot got a glimpse of the game in action, and it’s reporting that Ground Zeroes brings a number of a changes to the famous stealth series. It would appear that Ground Zeroes is an open-world game based on Gamespot’s report on the live demo.

GameSpot also believes that Solid Snake is making a return in Ground Zeroes, but reported the character is just named “Snake” purporting that it may be a prequel.

Another media outlet, CVG, says the screenshot alone denotes that it is Big Boss and goes into tremendous detail:

The official image on the Japanese MGS 25th anniversary website looks like ‘classic’ Solid Snake from MGS2, with his swarthy black beard and hair – but it’s far more likely to be Big Boss, star of MGS3 and Peace Walker. The outfit, with its distinctive yellow thigh bands, resembles Big Boss’s Sneaking Suit from Peace Walker (see screenshots). The night vision goggles hide Big Boss’ distinctive eye-patch, but only slightly – you can still see the band across his hair. It’s even clearer on the second front-facing ‘Snake’ image taken from posters displayed at the event, and runs over the injured right eye.

The key giveaway is the Militaires Sans Frontières (soldiers without borders) yellow / black logo on his shoulder, the organisation led by Big Boss in PSP’s MGS Peace Walker (set in 1974).

Whoever he is, he was shown summoning a helicopter for transportation and can drive a Jeep to his next objective, which lends to the belief that this will be an open-world title. It’s also worth noting that the game won’t end when you’re discovered. If such a thing happens, Snake will be able to use all of his equipment to attempt an escape, which is another new feature Ground Zeroes is bringing to the franchise.

The latest installment also makes use of the new Fox engine which was built in-house by the Metal Gear team.  Metal Gear producer Hideo Kojima says that the possibility of next generation consoles was considered while building it and the team has not formally announced which platforms Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes will debut on.

Kojima played through the demo using an Xbox 360 controller on a PC asserting the possibility of debuting on various systems on release day – which there was no formal announcement either.

Update: Andriasang says Ground Zeroes targets current generation specifications, with the demo running on a PC at the level of PS3 and Xbox 360. Famitsu reports that Kojima Productions is also working on next generation development.

Via »Gamespot