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Lords of Gaming 15: Big Huge Epic Games

Sean W. Jul 20, 2012 0


Games we’ve been playing

On today’s Lords of Gaming, we find a “Tough Games” list online and see if we agree with that writers choices.  Facebook will be letting some games be exempt from the the asking for permissions step.  Microsoft seems to be charging an large amount of money  to allow a developer to patch a game and Star Wars: The Old Republic might be going free-to-play.

Discussion / News Topics

10 Insanely Tough Games

Microsoft comes under fire for five-figured Xbox 360 Patch Fee

Some Facebook games no longer ask permission to access your profile information

Valve responds to Steam sales criticism

Battlefield 4′ beta outed on EA Origin Store

Battlefield 4 de-confirmed by Electronic Arts

EA wants to publish Kingdoms of Amalur 2

EA considering “Different Models” For Old Republic

EA chief executive: ‘Free to Play is any thing but free’

Hosts: Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn, Radford Castro

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