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Lords of Gaming 16: You’re A Wizard, I’m A Lord

Sean W. Jul 27, 2012 0


On today’s Lords of Gaming, we touch on a variety of subjects including EA’s and their football licence problems, Metal Gear creator Kojima ready to show off his next big game engine, Bioshock Developer possible adding multiplayer to Bioshock Infinite and Apple patenting a video game controller.

Games we’ve been playing

Discussion / News Topics

$27 million settlement reached in EA class action lawsuit

Battlefield 3 ‘Premium Members’ Exempt From BF4 Beta

Zynga has a tough Quarter and blames Facebook

Activision Blizzard, Inc. : World of Warcraft®: Mists of Pandaria? Arrives September 25

Trion Worlds and Crytek Join Forces For Warface

Bioshock Developer Hiring Off Metacritic Score and Multiplayer in Infinite 

Kojima To Unveil Fox Engine August 30th, Says Japanese Studios Almost Extinct

Apple Patents DualShock Style Game Controller

Hosts: Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn

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