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Lords of Gaming 20: Windows 8 Not For Gamers?

Sean W. Aug 24, 2012 0


On today’s Lords of Gaming, we discuss the recent conversations surrounding Windows 8 and that is may be terrible for gamers.  There was a lot of layoffs this week with Sony and EA cutting jobs as well as Nintendo Power shutting down. Grand Theft Auto V, Ubisoft getting pirated and Ea pulling prizes meant for charity round out the remaining topics.

Discussion/ News Topics

Raidez Closed Beta Impressions / Beta Closed

OnLive Acquired Dy Lauder Partners Affiliate, Restructures Company – Revisited

Ubisoft Says 93+95 of Their PC Games Get Stolen by Pirates

Nintendo 3DS XL Now on Sale – Out To Make You Even More Dizzier 

EA Pulls Medal of Honor Charity Item And Responds

Who’s excited for GTA 5

 Sony Shuts Down Classic Liverpool Game Studio Working On PS4 Games

Nintendo Power Shuts Down after 24 Years 

EA Slashes Jobs and May Close Office at Pop Cap

Tribe: Ascent Gets Update, Adds ‘Blitz’ Mode., Voiceovers, Updates Tech Class

Sky-Based NOW TV Heads to Xbox 360 In The UK

Windows 8 is not good for Gamers

Hosts: Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn, Radford Castro

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