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Lords of Gaming: 21: A New Metal Gear

Sean W. Aug 31, 2012 0


On today’s Lords of Gaming, we talk about the new Metal Gear video game and movie announcement.  We give a comparison of Xbox Live and PSN and start to dwell into why online console games do not play nice with each other online.  Strategy Guides get killed and we talk about David Cage’s upcoming game that’s about life and death.  Game companies fighting piracy, Warface and a video game about the history of video games rounds out today’s show.

Discussion/ News Topics

New Metal Gear news!!!!! Sweeet!!!

…and a movie!! OMG

Square Enix Shows Off Next Gen Engine

Cool Little Game That Teaches About Video Games

Xbox gets into Politics

Lone Programmer Fixes PC Version of Dark Souls with Nicer Graphics

Warface impresses more people than just Andrew

Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Presentation

Gamestop and Prima Games Officially Killed the Printed Strategy Guide

Game Companies use Free To Play to Fight Piracy 

XBL vs PS+

Retrospective: How Consoles and PCs did Multiplayer before XBL

Hosts: Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn, Radford Castro

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