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Lords of Gaming Episode 7: Vulcan Pawns

Sean W. May 25, 2012 0


On today’s Lords of Gaming, we talk a bit about Dragons Dogma, the new release from this week.  We discuss other news topics like the rumored WiiU final design, Minecraft taking out Black Ops and Lost Planet 3.  Other games include Xcom, Far Cry 3, Bungie’s rumored Destiny game and Company of Heroes.

What We’ve been playing: Mass Effect 3, Dragon’s Dogma

News Topics:

Minecraft takes out Black Ops

Lost Planet 3 Gameplay

Company of Heroes 2 

Bungie’s “Destiny”

XCOM delayed, Tome Raider also

Far Cry 3 Gameplay

DMC has a release date

WiiU new controller leak

Hosts: Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn

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