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LTG @ CES 2011 – PlaySeat Booth Tour

Radford C. Jan 9, 2011 1

If anyone reads our site, it’s pretty easy to tell that Gran Tourismo 5 is very important to quite a few of the LTG staff. Playseats caters to that hardcore gamer that wants to take the realism further than just having the specialized driving wheel or flight stick and pedals.

For PC gamers, they offer the Playseat Executive RaceSeat.  The aim is to get the gaming controls in closer position where you can lean back and play.

For flight sim enthusiasts, there is the Playseat Flight Simulator, which puts your flight controls in the right location for realism.

Their current line of racing seats, which have been improved from the previous lines, included immersive features like speakers in the headrest and a subwoofer.

Justin King gives us the jump on Playseats’ lineup.