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Episode 16: Lazy Tech Tips For Bloggers

Sean W. May 10, 2011 0

We’re joined once again by Ken Harrell from EbonGeek to about the tech world.  LTG gives tips for all the internet bloggers in the world.  We go over understanding ad revenue and the vocabulary used in the the internet world.  We talk about the advantages of using affiliates versus using ad agencies and how to maximize ads for profits.  We also talk some Portal 2, Interactive Books and Apple news.

Hosts: Victor Bognot, Radford Castro, Sean Wilburn

Special Guest: Ken Harrell from

This News Topics

  • 0:38 – Nvidia buys mobile chip maker
  • 3:04 – Netflix CEO wants to “play nice” with content providers
  • 6:42  -Push Pop Press Interactive book written by Al Gore
  • 9:57 – Apple working with Intel, Replacing Intel?
  • 19:01 – Boeing Phantom Ray Unmanned Airborn System

Featured Topics

  • 21:44 – LTG Feature – Rad talks experiences with Ad companies and affiliates.  A lot of tips to help start up bloggers make income on their sites.
  • 47:43 – Brief review of CTA Perfect  Aim Pistol
  • 50:50 – Very brief review of Portal 2
  • 52:22 – Wrap Up

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