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LTG Show 113: To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Andrew Lee Aug 8, 2012 0


On today’s LTG Show, we discuss about the new additions that Apple is bringing and the possible impacts it will have on consumers as well as companies who develop apple accessories.  Radford gives his opinion about the Microsoft cluster bomb that is in preparation for Windows 8. We also discuss about the founder of Best Buy wanting to well, buy Best Buy as well as a $2 million home theater themed after the Dark Knight himself.  To close the podcast, we discuss about the landing of NASA’s rover, Curiosity.

Discussion Topics:

Verizon Wireless Offering Microsoft 365 to Business Users

WIndows Phone 8

OS X Mountain Lion causing battery issues?

Batman Theater

Skype hits the browser

Founder of Best Buy wants to buy, well, Best buy

Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta To Devs

Apple Can Update All iPhone, iPad, and iPod Models with the new smaller dock connector

Acer CEO calls out Microsoft and their new tablet strategy

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