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LTG Show 115: Cool Like That

Sean W. Aug 21, 2012 0


Today’s LTG Show, we discuss whether Silicon Vally is going to die like the Yammer CEO predicts.  Apple is the most valuable company in the world as Facebook’s shares keep falling.  We also discuss the radical changes to Twitter’s API, Google finally selling Google Play gift cards and Onlive has went out of business and yet started a new business under the same name.  We also ask the important questions, are iPads really for older people.

Discussion Topics:

iPads are for older people.

At 621 billion, Apple is the most valuable company in history

Facebook shares fall to new lows as lockup ends

Twitter’s making changes to their API

Major changes on the way for Hulu, according to internal memo

Onlive Acquired by Lauder Partners affiliate restructures company

Google finally plans to launch Google Play store giftcards

Hotmail Replacement hits 10 Million Users in Two Weeks 

One Month After Selling To Microsoft for 1.2B, Yammer CEO Predicts End of Silicon Valley

Restrictions to Porn on Cloud services

Hosts: Victor BognotRadford Castro, Sean Wilburn, Andrew Lee & Tony Hannides

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