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LTG Show 179:Microsoft’s New CEO, Lenovo-Rola and More

Sean W. Feb 5, 2014 1



On today’s LTG Show, we explore Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella, his experience and what he could possibly be bringing to the high profile position.  Google sells off Motorola for a percentage of what they bought it for to Lenovo and Sony is rumored to be selling off it’s Vaio computer line.  Other topics include some hope for Net Neutrality supporters, a new Transformers trailer and the online viewing success of the SuperBowl this past weekend.

  • Superbowl 2014 the most viewed online sporting event
  • Microsoft’s new CEO has been named and has taken over the reigns
  • Satya Nadella’s first letter to the troops
  • Lenovo is buying Motorola from Google but not quite all of it
  • Sony selling it’s Vaio PC division
  • Pair of bills introduced could reinstate Net Neutrality
  • Chromecast SDK is open to developers
  • New Samsung event scheduled for February 24th.
  • New Transformers Movie Trailer
Hosts:        Radford Castro
         Sean Wilburns
         Tony Hannides
         Andrew Lee
         Victor Bognot


  • Timothy Jay Farber

    What does it take to end a “friendship”? Years of neglecting that association? In the summer of 2013 I contacted Sean Wilburn, someone I thought was a friend from high school, after having no contact for 10 years.
    Sean said that a lot of people from high school had been asking where I was. I don’t understand this since anyone could have made the effort to contact me at any time. I need to point out that communication did not end because I refused to return anybody’s calls. I stopped making an effort to communicate and since the communication was one way it ended. Obviously there was no interest from “friends from high school” in my life or me as a human being, which is why I don’t understand people’s questions about me.
    I sent Sean copies of 6 of my songs (Want you, Need you, Love you; Hidden City; Only; an instrumental; Peaceful Place; and Ambrosia). I can’t stop him from taking ideas from this music that I created and using it for his own gain but I would be an unwilling collaborator knowing that I wouldn’t get anything out of it.
    I don’t like the feeling of being held on a very loose and distant string and need to sever this association that isn’t healthy for me.
    I have no ill will, I simply need to move on in my life. I hope all you (those of you that I actually knew) have a great life.
    Good Bye