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Episode 107: I’m Not Cheap, I Own A Mac

Sean W. Jun 26, 2012 0


On today’s LTG Show, we discuss the upcoming Google I/O conference and give our predictions and wish lists of what Google could present.  We also talk Microsoft’s strategy to buy Yammer, why the Facebook IPO flopped and a 50-Gigapixel camera.  Rad had a chance to attend the IRTI forum and he gives his impressions of the event.

Discussion Topics:

50 Gigapixel camera created using 98 microcamera

Orbitz displaying higher-priced hotels to Macs vs. PCs

Nasdaq CEO: ‘Arrogance’ led to Facebook IPO flop

Facebook Emails are coming

Microsoft buys Yammer 

Rad at ITRI Forum

New Google tablet rumors

Google I/O predictions / wishlist 

Hosts: Victor Bognot, Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn

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