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LTG Video Podcast: Blackberry Playbook Hands-On

Victor B. Jan 14, 2011 1

Alex from RIM gives us the rundown on The BlackBerry PlayBook – a professional-grade tablet that’s set to redefine the possibilities of mobile computing, giving users an ultra-portable design with industry leading performance, uncompromised web browsing, true multitasking and HD multimedia, as well as advanced security features and out-of-the-box enterprise support. But is it enough? With iPad and a army of a zillion Android tablets (not to mention Windows’ slate tablets) in tablet-craze warfare, can the BlackBerry PlayBook stand on its own in the race for your wallet?

From our own impressions it seems like the Playbook got the right idea of marketing the exclusive feature of true uncompromised web browsing. This is a good idea considering that the Playbook will not only provide some potentially creative Blackberry apps but also provide a true full web experience on a tablet with Flash. It’s still unsure whether Motorola’s Xoom can boast this same kind of web browsing compatibility in their own tablet as we’d hope to see. But even with just our short time with the Blackberry Playbook , it is currently the only tablet we have seen at the CES that can make this claim at this stage. They can argue that they can bring the desktop browsing to the tablet but so does Windows 7 slate tablets and possibly Android to some degree. With iPad clearly steering away from Flash, this feature alone may influence a consumer’s purchasing decision down the road. I guess that will depend on the timing and pricing of these tablets. In this hands-on video, we’re liking what we see so far.

Update: BlackBerry 4G PlayBook Coming to the Sprint 4G Network. With Sprint 4G is currently available in 71 markets2 across the country, including Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City. Sprint first launched 4G in Baltimore in September 2008 and continues to build it’s 4G service for consumers and business users across the country.