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LTG Video Podcast: CES 2011 DXG 3D Camcorder Product Demo

Victor B. Jan 8, 2011 4

There are a lot of companies at CES 2011 presenting 3D cameras.  DXG ( caught our eye with their line of consumer level 3D cameras, making it an easier “hobby” to get into with the price.  The 3D camcorder we were shown was not a final product, but it definitely has a different design using a unique approach. The camera switches between 2D and 3D via a rotating lens.  Very curious to see what the quality of video and stills for the final release. In this video podcast, Darlene of DXG took one of the 3D cams for a spin and she was also gracious enough to let us play with some of its functions. This particular camera has some consumers looking for more economical alternatives without sacrificing much image quality.

We had a good number of minutes to play with the camera and explore some of its features – at least from the surface. So far, it was easy to navigate. All of the slots and ports were all in familiar places a camcorder should have. Add to the fact that the camera records in full glory HD 1080p, a manual focus locking system,  a touch-sensitive LCD screen to focus on subjects and a 3D viewscreen that requires no glasses, DXG may have a hit on their hands.