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LTG Video Podcast: CES 2011 Intel InTru 3D Technology

Victor B. Jan 7, 2011 1

With all these devices moving towards the 3D route, Rad and I couldn’t help but look back. A short time ago, I thought of a future where 3D would be the norm for games, TVs, Internet surfing and everything in between. When Intel said they will have a whole new and outstanding 3D viewing experience that can be done from the desktop and laptop, they were not kidding. Pardon the pun, but you have to see it to believe it. It was a totally immersive 3-D experience. It’s NOT a gimmick like the old 3D movies, where an occasional ball or laser beam or knife shoots out from the screen. Nor is it a 2D movie that is then cheaply retrofitted into “3D”, like some studios do today it’s soup to nuts, integrated 3-D production.

You really feel like you’re sitting at the table with the characters, or seeing dust, water and fireballs flying in the air during the action scenes. In this video, Intel gives us an overview of the nuts and bolts of their InTru 3D Technology built into the 2nd Generation Intel Core processors.