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Macworld 2011 – HyperJuice Booth Tour (Video)

Radford C. Jan 28, 2011 0

Formerly HyperMac, the company has produced a number of small, portable batteries that can provide power to a variety of Apple portable devices. When connected to a MacBook Pro with their MagSafe-like connector, the “MBP-PRO,” the external batteries could be used to charge the computer’s internal battery.

HyperJuice at MacWorld has the largest booth at the show and they’re showing off their latest iPad accessories. The first one is called HyperJuice Stand – an iPad stand with a battery. The second item is the HyperDrive, a hard drive for the iPad. Both are available now.

The HyperJuice Stand powers your device during typical use. It features a 40Wh (11,000mAh) battery that can extend an iPad by 16 hours or recharge an iPhone up to 9x its stock battery capacity. The device has a 10W USB port to charge the iPad. Notably, the stand can also charge any USB powered device with it as well. Because the stand doesn’t require you to dock your iPad with it’s 30-pin connector, it works perfectly well with an iPad in a protective case.

The first of its kind to hit the market, the HyperDrive Hard Drive for the iPad is the only drive that can connect directly to an iPad and also be used as a regular hard drive. Although you cannot dynamically stream music and movies directly from the drive, transferring your goods is brisk. The HyperDrive also features a memory card slot that accepts most major memory card types with the exception of Sony’s MagicGate Memory Sticks. You can backup a 2 GB memory card in about a minute. It also has a 3.2-inch QVGA LCD screen to preview saved images. The HyperDrive is available in a variety of capacities. The 2600mAh battery can backup 250 GB of data on a single charge.

HyperJuice  has also continued to produce a varietyof external battery packs. Aside from the colors, the HyperJuice Battery Pack comes in 3 trims: Nano, Micro, Mini and Hyperjuice. These are in order of size.

  • The Nano –  a 1800mAh battery pack can charge any phone or device that utilizes a Micro USB port. They even give some very very rough estimates on the kinds of extended play you get depending on the device.  (i.e. 9 hours of talk time if on 3G type phone, 14 hours of video playback if capable, etc.).
  • The Micro – a 3600 mAh Battery Pack for iPad, iPhone and other USB-based devices that need *ahem* juice.
  • The Mini – same as the Micro but with 7200 mAh of pure powaah.
  • HyperJuice – The ultimate. Works with all Macbook, Macbook Pros and most Apple devices. The lowest capacity is 16000mAh while the highest trim hits at 61000mAh! HyperJuice estimates that you can run the laptop for almost a day depending on use.

Booth Tour Gallery

Sanho/Hyperjuice’s Hendrik Heyrman gives us a rundown on the HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive