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Mass Effect 3 Official Launch Trailer (Video)

Radford C. Mar 2, 2012 1

Mass Effect 3 is enroute to stores this Tuesday – on that day, gamers around the world will be hunched on their PCs or vegging on couches to save the Earth or die trying.

I’ve played the first, second, and all the DLCs. Once Shepardized, I look forward to pissing off every single one of my crewmates, Normandy’s head pilot, EVI and the cook. Expect to get your groove on with the Ashley chick during Earth’s most pressing times – she does owe you after all for sacrificing Kaidan from Mass Effect 1.

Get your saved games ready for import folks. We’re in for a wild ride.

Via »Mass Effect YT Channel

  • Andrew Lee

    Can't wait till this comes out.  Just stoked!