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Microsoft Unveils Some New Windows 8 Tablets and More!

Tony Hannides Sep 13, 2011 1

While Rad is covering for TechCrunch today, there’s some other huge news today: Windows is back. At Microsoft’s BUILD conference in LA, new tablets, notebooks and desktop computers were shown off to the crowd. These new devices were running the new Windows 8 OS. This new OS has a live-tile feel similar to WP7 devices and runs pretty well on larger screens.

Along with the announcement of these new devices, Microsoft released a developer preview of the new OS.


As you can see, the OS is meant to be used with the touchscreen but works just as well with the keyboard and mouse. Personally, I’ve tried on of HP’s touchscreen desktops and it seems odd not to use the keyboard. Nevertheless, this may be the catalyst that will get Microsoft back on top.

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  • Getitstraight

    "Nevertheless, this may be the catalyst that will get Microsoft back on top." Someone forgot to read that Microsoft sold 500-600+ licenses of Windows 7 doubled of WinXP sales. MS is on a mountain top and are not even close to being in 2nd place.