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Microsoft’s to Replace Hotmail (Video)

Radford C. Aug 6, 2012 0

Microsoft is replacing Hotmail, its longtime Web-based e-mail system, with an expanded version of Outlook, the system widely used by businesses.  The software giant said it is making available for preview on Tuesday, touting an upgraded Web-based system and a unified design language via Metro (as its currently titled) with mobile devices and social networking.

Excerpt: is a preview of a free, modern email service from Microsoft. It has a familiar name and a fresh, modern design. makes your email richer by connecting to Facebook and Twitter and helps you be productive with Office and SkyDrive. Because email is personal, Outlook also helps keep you in control of your private data.

Hotmail was a pioneer in Web-based e-mail systems which allowed users to access e-mail accounts independent of their workplace or their Internet service providers.

Hotmail has been overtaken by the more popular Gmail from Google but Microsoft’s Outlook is still widely-used as a workplace e-mail system.

The company said Hotmail customers can preview the system by clicking on the ‘upgrade’ option on the Hotmail menu.

Microsoft is making the change as it also gears up for the much-anticipated rollout of Windows 8, the newest version of its popular operating system. Two weeks ago, the Redmond, Wash.-based company introduced a new version of its Office products.


Via »Standard Examiner