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More Buyers For Hulu

Tony Hannides Jul 6, 2011 1

"Maybe they'll have a Buy One Get One Free Sale!

It seems that we can’t get enough news about Hulu these days. This TV/B-Rated movie streaming website has been in the news numerous times about being up for grabs. Recently, LTG recorded a podcast where we spoke about the problems Hulu has been up against. To put it simply, Hulu’s direction is governed by the bigwigs of the major broadcasting associations. Angered by this turn of events, the original CEO of Hulu stepped down and now we find ourselves wondering what will happen next.

Today, All Things D reported that Hulu not only has interests of Yahoo and Microsoft, but Verizon, AT&T and even Amazon show signs of wanting to acquire this site. Google was also mentioned in this list and it seems to show reason since their Google Video app to rent movies is making its way to the phones as well as more tablets. The problem I see with Verizon or AT&T buying it is they may show preference to their own customers who visit the site versus those of us who use Comcast, Cox or any other ISP. If Amazon ends up with the win, this may increase their chances of dominating the tablet market in December. However, will this mean their tablets will have access to more content rather than those who use Hulu Plus on another Android or iOS device? I realize that I’m speaking about the same “hot water” situation Google is in right now with the anti-trust laws. I’m sure none of this will happen but it does cross my mind.

Do you have a preference? Do you care? And what of Hulu Plus? If a larger company buys this service, will they finally make Hulu Plus as respected as Netflix? Hopefully whatever is done, they allow more streaming on the site rather than be forwarded to the respective channel’s website and they get rid of the ads (or allow us to fast forward through them).

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