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More of An Honest Trailer to The Phantom Menace?

Victor B. Feb 11, 2012 0

So this weekend, George Lucas released the first of six (if you didn’t know already) of the Star Wars Trilogy in 3D.  Are any of our Lazy readers going to watch?  Or is anyone excited about this?

Well, this trailer was edited with more of a kiddie flare that many would feel is more appropriate for the film.  If this was the original trailer for SW: Episode 1 would you have been as disappointed?  Don’t you remember, waiting a few hours in line to a brand new unfinished multiplex – they were still painting the interior in the first week of release where I was… Ah, the memories.  I was a young film school student swept up in the dreams of making cool and epic films that will pay homage to this soon to be seen classic that other students going through film history classes were going to watch next to North by NorthWest and The Seven Samurai… Other people my age had their kids in line saying things like:  “This is what we had to do when the first Star Wars movie came out!”  Then there was the awkward silence leaving the theater. *Sigh… good times.

But I’m not bitter… someone just tell me when Empire Strikes Back is coming out!  Oh man!  I didn’t even mention Jar Jar!  Sorry, I’m just going to go to my corner here and play with my AT-AT and Wampa figures.  And cry.

No one is looking?  4 tickets please… Come on kids!  If we don’t see this they’re not gonna make the good ones!

-Thanks Dino!