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Move Over Gundam, It’s a Life Size Macross Valkyrie!

Victor B. Apr 30, 2012 7

Some kind of otaku spirit is telling me this is the time to visit Japan.  We have life-size Gundams on malls, Christmas tree Godzillas, and Akira motorcycles going around.  Now, probably the exhibit to end all exhibits for me has unveiled itself: a life-size Macross Valkyrie Fighter!  Macross, or the first third of what we know as Robotech in the U.S. is celebrating it’s 3oth anniversary with an exhibit in Tokyo.  Now this is not the og “Veritech” from 30 years ago, but still it is a pretty cool representation of the YF-25F in its ‘gerwalk’ or “plane with legs and arms” mode from one of the newer Macross series.

Wouldn’t this be an excellent opportunity for Nasa to recreate interest in the space program by making space exploration cool with a traveling exhibit of this Macross fighter and the life sized Gundams?  Well, maybe more for the Air Force.