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Movies On-Demand 60 days after theatrical release for $30

Radford C. Mar 31, 2011 0

A Very Cool Home Theater

That’s what DirecTV, Comcast, Vudu and a number of very well known studios want – a premium video on-demand service. The implications are obvious and will definitely rub companies like Century Theaters and AMC the wrong way. According to anonymous sources from  DirecTV, the service is expected to debut near the end of April starting with Vudu and then Comcast – at $30 per rental. As the use of 3D quickly becomes adopted by more movies, it remains to be seen if this will include 3D versions of these movies. Studios who have been participating in the project include Warner Bros., Sony, Fox and Universal according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While those with humble setups at home may take the traditional route by taking their family to the movies, others with elaborate home theater setups may take the plunge.

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