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New Nintendo Console will Debut at E3

Radford C. Apr 14, 2011 1

Wheeeeeeeeeee or Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

So I checked the mail today and got my new Game Informer magazine and incidentally, I see a news feed from them that a new console will debut at E3 by Nintendo. This nicely aligns with the rumored price drop for the Wii coming in May. What’s really surprising about this news isn’t so much the console’s impending debut but it’s horsepower. Another report from IGN and their sources claim that the new console will wipe the floor clean and gnaw at the slower electronic entrails of the 360 and PS3.

Behind the scenes

I gave Nintendo’s PR a call. With my Daredevil-like senses, I can tell it was the Reggie Fils Aime on the phone covering the receiver before talking to me. With my hearing heightened and sound muffled, I can hear the engineer hoist the new console next to Miyamoto both in goggles with white lab coats nodding in tandem next to the assembly line of Nintendo’s new consoles. Miyomoto gives the thumbs up to Reggie as he acknowledges back with a nod, uncovers the receiver and clears his throat before giving the monotone “we make no comments on rumor or speculation” quote. Reggie slyly hangs up the phone, runs outside of the manufacturing plant with Miyamoto, performing several fist pumps before high-fiving in front of the sunset – in Iceland.

High Five! In the Sun!

So yes. I heard that too.

E3 will kick off in June and LTG plans to be there on-location. It’s possible that Nintendo’s E3 press conference may occur the day before but in either case, we’ll be there.

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