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Next-Gen Playstation codenamed Orbis says report

Radford C. Mar 28, 2012 0

The Next Playstation Codename Orbis

The rumor mill has churned its first piece for Sony – The PlayStation 4 is currently codenamed “Orbis”. According to Kotaku, whose source claims had dev kits for some time since GDC, more finalized dev units will be coming toward the end of 2012.

Orbis sounds like a pet name for The Jetsons’ dog but some sites already began dissecting the name itself. Some have said the Vita may likely play a major role with the new PS4. Orbis Vitae, in latin, means “Circle of Life”. Go figure.

And specs? Orbis supposedly features an AMD x64 CPU – a huge departure from the in-house cell processor. But the source claims that the AMD Southern Islands GPU display 3D games at 1080p and video or 2D-games at 4K – 4096×2160 resolution.

The source also claims that Sony won’t even bother with backwards compatibility leaving your PS3 library with the current system which is presumed keep PS3 sales going and reduce Orbis’ up-front costs. Similarly, Orbis may include anti-used games protection which was rumored to happen with the next XBox but was recently debunked by Gamestop’s CEO. The source claims that games will be tied to a PSN account – much like the Vita – and will be limited in some way. Naturally, Orbis is said to support Blu-ray and will have retail games available for download over the PSN.

Interestingly, the source also details Orbis to debut on holiday 2013.

Via »Kotaku