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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Reviews Are In

Radford C. May 3, 2012 1

Yes. That’s what they’re saying. We were just introduced to the GeForce GTX 680 not long ago. Then just a mere 2 months later, we’re reading reviews on the GeForce GTX 690 which is slated to ship through some vendors within the week. That’s how intense the video graphics card wars have become. While the 680 is aimed more towards the standard fare PC gamer who’s looking to run the latest games with ease, the 690 is above else a statement of status. But for those looking to have the power (me) yet understand that they’d like to eat too, one question must be asked – does the cost justify the means?

GTX GeForce 690 Map out diagram

That is what multiple reviewers are trying to come to grips to. Most of the review shops knew they were going to have to get the GTX 690 to go toe-to-toe with the dual Radeon HD 7970 since both are aiming at the high-end market at similar price points. Most have found that the GTX 690 was somewhat slower than the two 7970s. Then again, it would depend on what game you’re running. HotHardware found the GTX 690 the choice for Batman: Arkham City  while the two 7970’s in CrossFire mode ran at just half the frame rate.

Here are what some of the top PC hardware reviewers are saying about the card as they reach shelves.


Is $999 expensive? Absolutely. Is it worth it? If you’re gaming at 2560×1600 or 5760×1200, the GTX 690 is at least worth the consideration. You can certainly get by on less, but if you want 60fps or better and you want it with the same kind of ultra high quality single GPU cards can already deliver at 1920×1080, then you can’t do any better than the GTX 690.

To put it simply, the GeForce GTX 690 is the fastest single graphics card we have tested to date–by far. In every game or benchmark, regardless of resolution or image quality settings, the GeForce GTX 690 was able to outpace every other graphics card we’ve ever tested. Of course, with a $1000 price tag and two of the most powerful GPUs on-board, the GeForce GTX 690 should best every other graphics card currently available.

Hot Hardware

When compared to other multi-GPU configurations, the GeForce GTX 690’s performance is still impressive, but not nearly as dominant. The GeForce GTX 690 ends up coming in just a hair behind the similarly priced dual GeForce GTX 680 SLI configuration across the board, due to GTX 690’s slightly lower base / boost GPU frequencies. Versus a Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire setup, the GeForce GTX 690 ends up being somewhat faster more often than not, but the Radeons pulled ahead in a few tests.

PC Perspective

The truth is, if you are a gamer that would buy the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4GB graphics card, then you already knew that.  Gamers willing to spend this kind of cash on the ultimate hardware aren’t sprouting out of the ground and I don’t think NVIDIA is going to convince many people on a $300 budget that this $999 is worth the upgrade.

The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4GB dual-GPU Kepler graphics cards is easily the fastest and highest performing gaming solution on the market.  As we often state here, if you have the money to spend, this is the place to do it – a $1000 GPU is going to net you a better improvement in gaming experience than a $1000 CPU, that’s for sure.  By combining a pair of GK104 parts on a single PCB, and constructing an incredibly sexy cooler to go along with it, NVIDIA has crowned a new king.

Newegg’s video review and benchmark.