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Pioneer DDJ-ERGO Is A Real DJ Mixer For Portable Laptop DJs

Sean W. Oct 28, 2011 0

Pioneer introduces a new DJ mixer/controller for laptops called the DDJ-ERGO.  This mixer brings in elements DJs use and need while performing one heck of a light show at the same time.

The ERGO has embedded LEDs under the buttons and jog wheel that illuminate to what’s playing.  The jog wheel lights will illuminate differently to highlight how close you are to matching a pair of beats together.  The channel faders illuminate the beat of the song and the effects will illuminate in accordance to what effect is being used.

It is USB powered and features a full soundcard built into the controller.  This makes patching things like a mic or a stereo system easy to do.  It comes with Virtual DJ LE from Atomix Productions who offers a free version of the software that can give you a feel of what it’s like.

The DDJ-ERGO is looking to sell for about $600.