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Play Through Slash’s Guitar Rig In AmpliTube Slash

Sean W. Jun 15, 2012 0

Slash, a guitar player that needs no introduction, has partnered up with IK Multimedia and together they have created AmpliTube Slash for the iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC. This new update to Amplitube comes complete with the stomp effects and amps that Slash uses, in particular, on his most recent album Apocalyptic Love. 

Slash explains that this idea came to him as he was trying out the products of IK Multimedia while on the road and having little time to work on new song ideas.  Amplitube allowed him to carry an iPad around and at 4:00am, he could quickly record song ideas that came to him.

Slashes rig is based on a specific Marshall JCM series head and, naturally, his signature Marshall AFD100 amp..  AmpliTube Slash comes with other effects he uses like his Delay, Chorus, Wah and more.

The iPhone and iPad versions are currently $10, users can add it to their existing IK Multimedia accounts also for $10 and PC/Mac users can get his rig for $80 or $5 a piece.