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Episode 34: Virtual Bunnies

Sean W. Aug 3, 2011 1

We go over a computer that can think for it’s self and the new Blackberry phone.  We  discuss possible release dates for the iPhone 5 and the Playstation Vita.  dLTG discusses past representations of the future and how many have come to fruition.  We also talk patents, lawsuits and vent a little bit about the debt ceiling as we discuss how the tech industry will be effected.

Hosts: Victor Bognot, Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Sean Wilburn

Special Guest: Ken Harrell from


  • 01:09 – Apple iPhone 5 might be released this October
  • 02:56 – AT&T throttling the speed of unlimited data customers
  • 06:18 – Playstation Vita also rumored October
  • 09:37 – A machine that can think for itself
  • 14:32  – Using your cell phone bill to buy things
  • 17:56 – Adobe embracing HTML5
  • 21:21 – LibreOffice is Enterprise Ready
  • 26:34 – Blackberry Returns with T-Mobile phone,  Chamillionare speaks out to Google’s lead designer and Samsung Galaxy is coming
Patent Wars
  • 35:54 – Google buys 1000 patents, Zynga sued for patent infringement and lawsuit threatens virtual horses.
Disscussion Topics
  • 47:25 – How not raising the debt ceiling will effect the internet tech world
  • 1:03:56 – LTG discusses past representations of the future
  • 1:18:39 – The biggest mistakes internet startups make
  • 1:28:12 – LTG Community Mail

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