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Episode 52: iPhone 4S Spectacular With Holograms

Sean W. Oct 5, 2011 2

Welcome to our iPhone 4S spectacular.  After so much anticipation, we’ve finally see what Apple is offering the iPhone masses.   We talk about the whole conference but focus on the new iPhone.  Tony and Ken speak many of the great features of the new phone as Victor and Sean have a different view on the new release.  At then end of the show, Tony and Sean share a secret that Android Gingerbread users have been knowing about voice control of your mobile device.

Hosts: Tony Hannides, Victor Bognot, Sean Wilburn

Special Guest: Ken Harrell From

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  • Radford Castro

    Excellent poodcasta!

  • Radford Castro

    "If you're thinking about it, it's probably not revolutionary." Game over.