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Episode 57: One More Ice Cream Sandwich

Sean W. Oct 23, 2011 0

We all scream for Ice Cream on today’s show.  We discuss at great detail Google and Samsung’s new Ice Cream Sandwich update and if this is a good OS upgrade for Android.  We talk about new updates in recording software with Pro Tools 10 and Presonus Studio One 2.  We talk about RIM’s new OS unveil and if this is a serious player in the mobile game or a move in the wrong direction.  Lastly, we prep for Blizcon which Rad is reporting on and discuss what to expect.

Hosts: Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Sean Wilburn

  • 01:05 – Ice Cream Sandwich – Is this a good upgrade
  • 26:44 – Motorola Razr is back
  • 29:57 – RIM unveils a new OS
  • 36:32 – Playstation Vita U.S. release date
  • 39:39 – Google+ support Pseudonyms
  • 40:40 – Mark Hamill not going to voice The Joker
  • 41:35 – Mobile Moment
  • 47:50 – New versions of PreSonus Studio One 2 and Pro Tools 10
  • 51:48 – LTG at Blizcon
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