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Episode 3: Sony’s NGP, Suite, Android, Google TV Impressions, Macworld

Radford C. Feb 2, 2011 1

3rd times the charm. Here, we talk about the joy of snacks, our gut reactions about Sony’s upcoming NGP, Sony overall business strategy and some stuff we got to play with such as the Logitech Revue. We also do a not-so-quick runthrough with Macworld to talk about the latest (or not-so-latest) products. You will also find these podcast feeds on iTunes so subscribe to our channel at iTunes, to get the latest podcasts.

Hosts: Radford Castro, Victor Bognot, Sean Wilburn, Josh Padilla
Producer: Sean Wilburn
Music: Sexy LTG

Here’s what to expect from the 3rd episode.

  1. Stick Snacks
  2. Gut Reactions to Sony NGP
  3. Sony Suite
  4. Sony on Android
  5. Logitech Revue – Google TV Impressions
  6. Macworld walkthrough