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Episode 33: The Palpatine Solution

Sean W. Jul 30, 2011 1

On today’s show we discuss the recent price drops of Nintendo’s 3DS and Logitech’s Google TV Revue.   A discussion about the Samsung Galaxy Tab becomes an Android vs iPad comparison.   We talk a lot more about Google Music, Sprint’s deal with Lightsquared, and George Lucas losing the rights of the Storm Trooper design.

Hosts: Victor Bognot, Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Sean Wilburn

Special Guest: Ken Harrell from

  • 01:21 – Nintendo price drop on the 3DS
  • 18:17 – Logitech drops Google TV Revue to $99
  • 29:02 – Google Music invites
  • 31:58 – Sprint and Lightsquared together
  • 39:50  – Motorola releasing Bionic
  • 45:08 – George Lucas no longer owns Storm Troopers
  • 51:17 – RFID chips being placed in towels
  • 54:05 – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • 1:09:12 – Google service that will make your site faster

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