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Episode 35: Hello Kitty Darth Vader

Sean W. Aug 5, 2011 0

The LazyTechGuys with the help of Ebongeek’s Ken Harrell discuss the changing world of technology.  Clearwire adopts 4G LTE and claims unbelievable speeds and the guys discuss what this could mean for the internet industry.  We talk about Sony’s Vita and the possible Wii U like features.  We also go over an Android app that controls a DSLR camera, UK’s ability to copy CDs and a viral Deux EX trailer.

Hosts: Victor Bognot,Tony Hannides, Sean Wilburn

Special Guest: Ken Harrell from

  • 00:42  – Sweedish guy who tries to split atom
  • 09:09 – AT&T automatically switching the plans of some users
  • 13:29 – Sony R&D claims there is more power with the PS Vita
  • 18:52 – Deux Ex: “Purity First” Trailer
  • 28:12  – UK can legally copy DVDs and CDs for personal use
  • 32:11 – Clearwire adopts 4G LTE
  • 53:49 – DSLR app for Android
  • 58:37 –  Skype Andorid app and new Vonage Apps
  • 1:05:18 – WIMM Laps creates Android watch
  • 1:14:39 – New Ultimate Spider-Man character, Peter Parker is dead.
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