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Episode 49: H Too Much

Sean W. Sep 28, 2011 0

On today’s show we’ve had the opportunity to talk to CEO and co-founder of, Chris Hansen about his up and coming service that is bound to make some major changes in the music industry.  This is a must listen for all musicians and music lovers alike.  We talk a lot of HTC on today’s mobile moment, as well as a new Razr from Motorola and a Facebook app for the iPad.  Conversations today involved Facebook’s privacy issues, Netflix troubles and the iPhone 5 announcement.  We then end the show with two major updates, U.C. Berkeley students learn a way to record the brain and a possible method to cure HIV may have been found.

Hosts: Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Victor Bognot, Sean Wilburn

Special Guest: Ken Harrell from

  • 01:38 – Interview with Chris Hansen, CEO and Co-founder of
  • 30:48 – Mobile Moment:Insane amount of HTC phones, Droid Razr, Google+ update, Facebook’s official iPad app
  • 42:11 –  Facebook accused of collecting location data, again
  • 45:41 – Blockbuster making a push to compete with Netflix
  • 50:50 – Netflix signs deal with Dreamworks
  • 52:15 – iPhone 5 announcement / Amazon tablet announcement
  • 59:48 – U.C. Berkeley Group finds way of recording the brain
  • 1:06:07 – Possible method of curing HIV found by universities
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