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Radical Insider 1: The Retrogamer

Radford C. Apr 8, 2012 0


Radical Insider is first episode where we delve inside someone’s mind of what goes behind each company, game, product, business, connections, hobby, soundtrack, science, history etc. On every show I will have (or at least try to have) someone I’m interviewing. It can be a game collector, QA tester for a game or software, an artist, musician, programmer, etc. It’s an insider’s look at what people think and do with a technology slant. In the first episode, we bring in Carl Dimailig – a friend of mine who’s an avid retrogamer that doubles as a doctor.

Show notes

  • Goofing off at games
  • Old Consoles and Cartridges
  • Owning Arcade Cabinets
  • The SNK Neo Geo
  • Arcade Parlors (Regency, Gold Mine, Tilt, USA Bowl, StarCade, etc.)
  • The Experience
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