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Radical Insider 3: Wing Commander Co-Producer Andreas Schmitt

Radford C. May 14, 2012 0


In this episode of the Radical Insider, I got a chance to interview Andreas Schmitt, Co-Producer of Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn. In the first half of the interview, I asked him about the variety of challenges games face today and the difference between what traditional publishers produce versus what a community-built game will release.

When we got into the grind of how the Wing Commander community got together to build the game, he credited many contributors who ranged from 3D modelers to composers for the game’s soundtrack. Despite the many people that have come and gone from the project, he was happy to see the game finally come to fruition. “The game took about 10 years to finish,” exclaimed Schmitt.

In addition, Schmitt and I talk a little bit about how Wing Commander became one of the most treasured franchises in PC gaming and how its popularity spawned an animated TV series, movies, collectible card games, novels, and action figures. While indirectly challenging  each other over our knowledge of the Wing Commander universe, we also talked about its spinoffs, how it influenced us as gamers and our love for gaming in general.

Later on, our conversation somewhat takes a more serious tone as we delve into the issues and problems game developers and publishers face today.  In that conversation, we try to come up with reasons why publishers continue to take the predictable route versus blazing a new trail for new genres or reinvigorating old ones (i.e. space simulators). We also jumped into how other notable franchises are getting the Kickstarter treatment and how it will change traditional publishing.

Gamers who’ve enjoyed the Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn will find the interview lively and upbeat as I delve into the mind of another insider who believes not only in the details of good games but expressing a labor of love in a franchise that has paved the way for other great space simulators like Freespace and X-Wing.

Hosts: Radford Castro

Guest: Andreas Schmitt, Co-Producer of Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn

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